What is root canal treatment/endodontics?
Dental decay or trauma can cause the nerve and blood supply inside the root canals of a tooth to die. The root canals can then become infected. This is often very painful and can result in a dental abscess (painful swelling).

Root canal treatment involves shaping, disinfecting and filling the root canals inside a tooth. This is to save the tooth and to relieve any dental pain.
Root canal treatments are sometimes referred to specialist endodontists who are trained to treat teeth with particularly complex anatomy, or if the root canals in the tooth are otherwise technically challenging.

Root canal treatments are carried out over one or two visits. Following treatment, the endodontist will write back to your dentist detailing the work that has taken place. Your dentist will then put a crown on the root treated tooth (if needed) so that you can chew confidently and without discomfort again.

For more information about root canal treatment please feel free to contact the practice, or visit out specialist endodontic website, www.specialistendodontist.co.uk

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