Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics)

A root canal treatment is a procedure that is primarily performed on teeth that have died or have an infection as a result of either trauma or dental decay. Root canal treatment involves removal of the dead nerve and blood supply tissue within the root canals of the tooth, disinfection of the root canals so that no bacteria are left behind and then finally filling and sealing of the root canals.

The specialist endodontist uses a dental microscope for root canal treatment, which is especially important so that the endodontist has a complete view of the inside of the tooth.

One of the prerequisites for success of a root canal treatment is for the root canals to be filled exactly to the end, ideally achieved with an apex locator, which allows the endodontist to work in all three dimensions.

At Harpenden Dental Centre dental rubber dams are used routinely for all root canal treatments to isolate the tooth and help prevent bacteria contaminating the root canals during treatment.

Here at Harpenden Dental Centre we use all the latest equipment and techniques to provide you with the best possible preparation, disinfection and filling of the root canals.

Manjeet Ahlowalia is a specialist endodontist and senior clinical teacher at King’s College London (KCL). He is also the Deputy Director for the distance learning MSc in endodontics at KCL. Manjeet has been taking on dentist referrals for endodontic treatment for the past 10 years and in this time has built up an excellent reputation from his fellow referring dentists.

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